Welcome to our webpage

Our office is located on the corner of the streets Ep. Maroyli 14 and Kastrinaki in Rethymno Crete and the telephone numbers are 28310 57750, Mobile phone 6937130345 and  Fax:28310.57754.

We are chartered accountants, university graduates and we have previous experience and professional training.

Our up-to-date office equipment corresponds with the requirements of the tax, accountant, and insurance system and it can be adapted to any change it befalls. 
We are constantly updating our resources on-line from one of the most valid data banks, on the new circulars and the changes in legislation.
We watch seminars that are organised by various institutions which aim at the interpretation of new provisions and their equitable application. We collaborate with notable scientists of various disciplines and specialities, lawyers, notaries, and engineers for the best possible briefing and service of our customer.
   We provide high quality services with responsibility, reliability and secrecy. We offer the best possible solutions as regards the economic subjects that concern our customers.